A Guide To Finding The Best Oil For Black Hair

As an African American woman, I have had a difficult time finding the right hair oil. This is due to several factors, including the fact that I live in a community that is not particularly diverse. The great thing is that there are many options available out there – you just have to know where to look.

Tips to Find The Oil for Black Hair

Ask A Friend

This probably sounds like the most obvious tip in the world, but there are many people who do not discuss their beauty regimen with those that they hang out with. This is a shame since there is a chance that one of their friends may be doing something they are not. Try talking to your buddies, especially those with really nice hair, and asking them about the hair oil they use. This could bring you closer to a great product. It can also help you discover products that are not that great and should be avoided.

Head To A Salon

If you are used to doing your own hair (like me), it has probably never dawned on you to head to a salon to get a consultation about best oil for hair growth, but it is a great idea. The person who speaks to you will give you an idea of what hair oil would be best for your particular hair texture. All products out there are not great for everyone and having them take a look at your hair and offer suggestions could be really helpful.

Head To A Salon

Keep in mind that there are some salons that double as beauty supply stores. It is possible that the beauticians in these places will make recommendations that offer the most financial benefit for the store. Be mindful of this when deciding whether or not to take the advice that is given to you.

Trial And Error

I have to be honest and admit that this is the process that many people I know use to find hair products, so it is likely it will work with oil as well. The great thing is that hair oil is not filled with harmful chemicals or anything, which means that you will not have to worry about causing irreparable damage when you are using different products from time to time.

A great way to use this tactic is to look for free samples that are attached to other products you may use regularly. For instance, I became aware of the oil I use because a small bottle was offered inside the box of a straightening product I purchased. I did try another product after that when I could not find the larger bottle in my usual store, but I quickly switched back when I realized the new oil did not perform as well as the other.

There are many hair products out there that are formulated for black hair. The problem is finding those that offer the most benefit. Keep this advice in mind the next time you are in the market for hair oil. Get in touch to know more.