LulaRoe Mimi

Why We Love The LulaRoe Mimi!

LuLaRoe clothing are versatile and really so comfy and the Mimi is the epitome of both. It’s comfortable and keeps you warm just like a mummy. You may need to get your hands with this beautiful wardrobe basic!

LuLaRoe Mimi

The Mimi is a poncho/shawl with hand and buttons. Each bit is as stunning as another. It’s comes in various stunning shades and soft, warm. It may be worn as a scarf, a shawl, as well as a poncho.

The LuLaRoe Mimi comes in a single size as it’s flowy and big and can fit most everyone. And the cost, the best part is just $75. That’s a bargain for the grade of the LuLaRoe Mimi. Get one in a color you could wear with numerous things in your wardrobe. Once the LuLaRoe Mimi tries, you’re likely to wear it on a regular basis!
LuLaRoe Mimi

Versatility is an essential aspect of the LuLaRoe Mimi. It seems great over leggings and a sweater to head to the grocery store story to being a part of an elegant ensemble.

We’re expecting to have ours by the conclusion of the month.

LuLaRoe Mimi Pricing

LuLaRoe prices vary depending on style and size, visit LuLaRoe pricing for more information.

LuLaRoe Mimi Sizing

LuLaRoe is designer to fit everyone! Just be sure to check out our sizing chart before ordering!

LuLaRoe Mimi Styling

Check out these great ways to wear your new Mimi!

LuLaRoe Irma

That Irma, LuLaRoe Irma! She’s so a lot more than simply a tshirt. Just like with all of the gals in the LuLaRoe range, you can take her pretty much everywhere and she’ll fit in just fine.

Within the first 5 minutes of the Popup Boutique we were bonding over scrubbing poop out of our son’s panties hers, well, shit happens and because my kid unexpectedly believes wiping is discretionary. Talking of panties, this entrepreneur has a genius creation that I can’t wait to get to the pee test the following time I go for a run. It may be a while because let’s not forget I’m slack, but when I do I swear to share!

LuLaRoe Irma

By the end of the celebration we all had agreed she needed to come home with me. I propose throwing one more X in there and they propose sizing down 2 sizes for the Irma and we’ve actually got a deal. Wink, wink.


What is a Irma?
Irma is t-shirt unlike any other that must be tried on to be appreciated.

Where did the name Irma come from?

LuLaRoe came up with Irma as a name for these amazing t-shirts one night hanging out with the girls!

LuLaRoe Carly Dress

Women , meet with Carly. She’s consistently the life of the party you can bring her to Sunday Brunch in the rent’s house. I’m a lover.

The littlest tweaks like adding the appropriate acccessories, tucking in the front, or cuffing the sleeves can make or break an outfit. I possibly could spend, if it was socially acceptable posted up outside girls’s dressing rooms helping them determine things to wear it with and what to keep.

LuLaRoe always makes quality clothing, they are most famous for their leggings just be sure to choose to right size!

LuLaRoe Carly Dress

Probably the best thing relating to this dress is when knotted on the side the fact that it could double as a tunic. It’s like a 2. Yes, Bartender, they can be both for me personally. I have 2 children under 4 at home choose your eyes that are judging elsewhere.